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A foggy day by the sea

On a sunday about two months ago we woke up really early and decided to take a trip to the north sea. So we packed some food and coffee and hit the road. It was already very foggy when we started our trip in Hamburg and it didn’t get any better further on. As we arrived at the beach in Sankt Peter Ording and looked towards the sea, we couldn’t even see the water. So we parked our car, sat down on the beach and had breakfast without seeing the sea or the sky. It was a really crazy feeling – like a surreal dream. After breakfast we took a long walk along the water and we were lucky – the sun came out for a short moment. But we stayed there for some hours, just breathing the air, drinking coffee, reading and even sleeping a bit. It wasn’t as we expected it, but we were there, at the beach, by the sea.

(We spent a great summer weekend at that beach last year.)












  1. eni

    die bilder sind wunderschön.
    man möchte sich ein wenig in ihnen verlieren!

    und ich mag das letzte bild von dir.
    das ist so besonders. schön.
    und deine jacke, die mag ich auch!!!:)


  2. Ach Trixie, schön, wie schön ihr euch die Tage macht!

  3. planktonfisher

    so schöne bilder! welche kamera benutzt du? viele grüße!

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