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BLOGST conference 2013

I am packing for a little vacation right now but I decided to take a short break to show you what I was up to in the last weeks.

Some months ago the lovely ladies Clara & Ricarda were in the middle of planning the second BLOGST conference, the most popular event for (mostly female) german lifestyle bloggers. They asked me if I would be up for being a small part of it by giving a workshop. Since I never did this before but I really like to teach people I thought I should take this challenge and step out of my comfort zone. So I said yes and prepared a little photoshop workshop for bloggers.

The conference took place last week in a very creative location with the name “Unperfekthaus”, situated in the middle of Essen. Not the most glamorous place and city you might think, but I guess it was just perfect for this occasion. I really like the modern image of the Ruhr area for different reasons. One reason is definitely Juli who isn’t getting tired by spreading the love for this region.

The conference itself was like a school trip with lots of excited participants. Everyone was happy to be together, to be part of something, to share and to learn. You could feel a lot of energy and I bet that everyone could take some really valuable ideas, thoughts and knowledge home. If you are interested in the topics, you should read Clara’s summary on her blog (in german).

At the end I was really happy that I could be a part of this event, that I could meet so many nice people and listen to really clever and personal speeches. And I would definitely give a workshop again, so thank you for this opportunity, C & R <3

(Since I always forget to take enough photos at events, I borrowed some photos from Christian Burmester (marked with the BLOGST label).



















  1. hach, da erinnere ich mich ja so gerne mit deinem wundervollen rückblick an die blogst zurück und ärgere mich zugleich immer noch, dass bei meiner workshop-anmeldung deiner schon ausgebucht war… ganz liebe grüße!

  2. Yay, da sind ja Lotta und ich auf dem letzen Bild, wie cool! :-)
    Ich find’s richtig schön, dass so nach und nach immer wieder Posts über dieses tolle Wochenende kommen, da kann man so schön in Erinnerungen schwelgen!
    Ich hoffe, du bist mit dem Hocker gut nach Hause gekommen und ich wünsch euch einen tollen Urlaub!
    Bis bald, liebste Grüße!

  3. how great!! sounds so interesting and exciting! I wish I knew that Blogst is taking part right next door to me=) would have loved to time maybe!

  4. Sooo schön dass Du dabei warst und Deine sieben Tricks verraten hast – ich hab leider nix davon mitbekommen und wünsche mir vom Weihnachtsmann jetzt einen Privatkurs – meinst Du da geht was ;)? Ganz liebe Grüße und noch mal 1000 Dank! Ricarda

  5. Tolle Fotos und es war toll dich wiederzusehen <3

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