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Analog autumn in Berlin

I finally scanned some of the photos I took back in Berlin at the end of september. I spent one whole day walking around with Sandra. We started in Friedrichshain, walked through pretty Victoriastadt to Rummelsburger See, had coffee and food in Kreuzberg and still didn’t stop. Autumn had just started and showed its most beautiful side. It was so much fun, thank you again, Sandra!



  1. The one about unattended children cracks me up, I want to frame it for my daughter’s room :-)

  2. Love your pictures! So magical! :) :) My favourite is the Lakritz one with the bike!

  3. Ilmarie

    They’re almost summery to me, so nice Trixi!

  4. this was one of my best days this fall! beautiful pictures trixischmixi! i haven’t scanned mine yet, but this post inspired me to do so soon! <3

  5. These are wonderful! I love the colors, the bycicles (I sort of did the same thing in Berlin), the streets…

  6. found you via sandras blog. love these photos! love autumn too.

  7. I ended up here by clicking on a link on Sandra’s blog. I love seeing your pictures and finding your blog. I always love it if two people post pictures of the same day they spend together

  8. lovely pictures. I sent you an email!

  9. Beautiful pictures!!, so glad I found your blog!

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