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Autumn and coffee in Berlin

We had a very unusual trip to Berlin this weekend. We traveled and came back home together – not just me visiting him at work. Yesterday I only took photos with my analog camera, so I will show you some digital moments of today first.

We stayed in F’hain this time and started our sunday with breakfast at Aunt Benny with Sandra and Johan. We also searched for a new camera at the fleamarket (but didn’t find the right one) and of course had to see the new roastery of The Barn (also known as Café Herzlos, such a crazy discussion). After walking around a little more in the sunny and autumny streets, we said goodbye to the tiny apartment that we rented and had a calm train ride back home.


  1. heimweh trixi und freunde-weh

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. Love your photography.

  3. I enjoyed so much strolling trhough your pictures and it seems you had a wonderful stay there!! I really need to schedule my Berlin visit soon..the problem is, I never know where I want to go Hamburg or Berlin?! =))
    Well, anyway, thank you or sharing=))
    Hab eine wundeschöne Woche!

  4. Was für tolle Fotos! Vielen Dank fürs teilen!

  5. beautiful photos and some charming coffee places i wish i could visit one day.

  6. It is a pleasure to have found this blog.
    All the pictures are beautiful.
    I love! :-))

  7. oh trixi. wie schön ist es hier nur bei dir. ganz wunderbar. und du machst mir vorfreude. nächste woche warten ein paar tage berlin auf mich. liebst, anne.

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