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Easter at home

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Today I thought I’d tell you some facts about the following pictures :) // There are some new cube candle holders in my DaWanda shop and some spherical ones will follow soon. // We finally managed to put up a … Continue reading

Easter Sunday

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The easter weekend is usually the time when we start into our beloved camping season. But it’s still winter over here and we decided to stay at home to work on our projects and fix some details in the apartment. … Continue reading

An endless Winter

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This winter is getting really long. I don’t remember if it ever felt this long before. But we are trying to make the best of it, going out for walks as often as possible. When it’s sunny like today, we … Continue reading

A sunny birthday

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On a wednesday two weeks ago I took a day off. It was my birthday and I wanted to do something special, but wasn’t sure what to do alone on a weekday when everyone else was working. But then I … Continue reading

A Party

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One saturday afternoon I was invited to a very pretty and well organized party. There were pom poms, cake and champagne, a photo booth, a candy bar and lots of huge mustaches. Many guests were celebrating with the hostess Steffi … Continue reading

The end of winter on instagram

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As I was browsing through my instagram photos of the last weeks, I noticed that there were a lot of nice colors and light involved recently. It feels so good that winter is coming to an end right now. The … Continue reading