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Goodbye 2013

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These are just some moments of our last week of 2013. Spending most of the time inside we also enjoyed some sunny hours outside, catching some light and fresh air. Now we are looking forward to start the new year … Continue reading

Green autumn

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Autumn is here, but it is still surprisingly green outside. This is what I realized yesterday, while I walked home from a friend, after I took some new photos for the shop. The last days have been really bright and … Continue reading

Red lips and foxy cheeks

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Yesterday my friend Hanna visited me at home for a little photo shoot. She is such an inspiring girl with a huge passion for beauty and make-up. She loves to show us all her little secrets and the most beautiful … Continue reading

Some of my work

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Today I’d like to show you something that kept me busy recently. Since I came up with the idea of a wooden candle holder DIY for the lovely blog anmutig back in winter 2011, I wanted to produce some of … Continue reading

Easter at home

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Today I thought I’d tell you some facts about the following pictures :) // There are some new cube candle holders in my DaWanda shop and some spherical ones will follow soon. // We finally managed to put up a … Continue reading

A sunny birthday

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On a wednesday two weeks ago I took a day off. It was my birthday and I wanted to do something special, but wasn’t sure what to do alone on a weekday when everyone else was working. But then I … Continue reading

The end of winter on instagram

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As I was browsing through my instagram photos of the last weeks, I noticed that there were a lot of nice colors and light involved recently. It feels so good that winter is coming to an end right now. The … Continue reading

Home III

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We live in a really crowded street and unfortunately our bedroom gets all the noise from the crossing outside. So at least the room itself has to be calm and clean. I am already looking forward to the days when … Continue reading

At Home II

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Most of our things at home are thrifted, from our families, handmade or have at least some kind of story. I really like that we don’t have the money to just go into a store and buy a piece of … Continue reading

At home I

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Since christmas we decluttered, cleaned and partly rearranged every corner of our apartment as much as we could, without spending too much money for new things. Now our work space is finally a room where we like to sit for … Continue reading

Hello 2013!

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Happy new year, friends! We said goodbye to the old year with a very relaxed night at home. With homemade sushi and a good white wine. And of course some “Berliner”, a traditional pastry (like a doughnut) which the germans … Continue reading

12 pictures of 2012

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I got inspired to look back and pick 12 pictures of this past year. I never did this before but felt like reviewing the year today. There were lots of good and bad stories without pictures so this is only … Continue reading