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Hello again!

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It was a bit quiet around here due to much work and life going on. But today I want to show you some pictures of yesterday’s Hello Handmade market. It was my third time as a exhibitor and it turned … Continue reading

Hamburg from the water

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June started with lots of sun and really hot temperatures. We stayed in Hamburg for both long weekends and enjoyed our city a lot. It almost felt like a vacation. I didn’t take any photos with a proper camera so … Continue reading

An especially nice sunday

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This sunday started quite early in our sunny kitchen, preparing green smoothies and delicious coffee for each of us. Then I took the car for a 30 minutes drive though the beautiful city, heading to the BESONDERSschön market at the … Continue reading

And then there was spring

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We had such a lovely sunday. Getting up early and having breakfast at home and then heading outside with our bikes. It seemed that the city was still asleep when we arrived at the first café for a cappucino. We … Continue reading

Winter is okay

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I try to appreciate every season but I can easily say that spring is the one I like the most. I love how everything comes back to life when the days are getting warmer and you find more people on … Continue reading

Goodbye 2013

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These are just some moments of our last week of 2013. Spending most of the time inside we also enjoyed some sunny hours outside, catching some light and fresh air. Now we are looking forward to start the new year … Continue reading

Hello! Hello Handmade!

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Wow, what a day! Last sunday the very popular Hello Handmade market took place for the 4th time in Hamburg. And again I felt very happy to be a part of it – supported by Matze of course. We really … Continue reading

In the woods

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Searching for some calm hours on a busy weekend we headed out to a forest in the north of the city. A place where my parents spent a lot of time with me when I was a baby. We discovered … Continue reading

Green autumn

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Autumn is here, but it is still surprisingly green outside. This is what I realized yesterday, while I walked home from a friend, after I took some new photos for the shop. The last days have been really bright and … Continue reading

A day off

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I nearly never take a day off without having any specific plans, because usually I’d rather spend my free days far away than in the city. But some weeks ago I just needed a free day just for myself. Luckily … Continue reading

MINUK – a studio visit

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Today I want to show you the creative space of my friend Antje and her beautiful label MINUK. I met her first at last year’s Hello Handmade market and was immediately smitten by her pretty handbags, made of screen printed … Continue reading

PLY in Ottensen

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More than two months ago I met Steffi to show her my hood Ottensen. This neighborhood is located in the west of Hamburg and it is part of Altona which once belonged to Denmark (many people here love this fact). … Continue reading