Denmark with the boy

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Back in August after one perfectly sunny week in western Denmark with my friends, Matze came and picked me up. We had planned to drive up to Klitmøller to have another week of vacation together. Unfortunately the weather changed completely … Continue reading

Hello again!

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It was a bit quiet around here due to much work and life going on. But today I want to show you some pictures of yesterday’s Hello Handmade market. It was my third time as a exhibitor and it turned … Continue reading

Denmark with the girls

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One sunny week in a lovely house in the middle of the dunes between north see and Ringkøbing Fjord. We were so lucky, the weather was beautiful, and we couldn’t have wished for a better house. I love the smell … Continue reading

Lakes between the seas

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Some months ago, when spring was in full bloom, we drove a bit up north to a little family festivity. Luckily we had enough time to explore the surroundings by bike. We enjoyed the mix of lake views, forests and … Continue reading

A secret place

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Today I thought about our trip to Lanzarote last winter. Back then, our hosts gave us a list with their own and very individual tips. Thanks to them we found this magical place somewhere on the island. Not far away … Continue reading

A foggy day by the sea

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On a sunday about two months ago we woke up really early and decided to take a trip to the north sea. So we packed some food and coffee and hit the road. It was already very foggy when we … Continue reading

Hamburg from the water

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June started with lots of sun and really hot temperatures. We stayed in Hamburg for both long weekends and enjoyed our city a lot. It almost felt like a vacation. I didn’t take any photos with a proper camera so … Continue reading

Copenhagen day 3

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Another morning – another bike ride to the city. This time we tried to cycle as near to the water as possible. So we reached the city by the harbor, waved the little mermaid hello and had a quick look … Continue reading

Copenhagen / day 2

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From Charlottenlund to Nørrebro: After a quick breakfast at the camp site we rode our bikes towards the city. We really enjoyed the wide cycleways and were surprised about how quickly we reached Nørrebro. We stumbled upon a flea market … Continue reading

An especially nice sunday

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This sunday started quite early in our sunny kitchen, preparing green smoothies and delicious coffee for each of us. Then I took the car for a 30 minutes drive though the beautiful city, heading to the BESONDERSschön market at the … Continue reading

And then there was spring

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We had such a lovely sunday. Getting up early and having breakfast at home and then heading outside with our bikes. It seemed that the city was still asleep when we arrived at the first café for a cappucino. We … Continue reading