An especially nice sunday

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This sunday started quite early in our sunny kitchen, preparing green smoothies and delicious coffee for each of us. Then I took the car for a 30 minutes drive though the beautiful city, heading to the BESONDERSschön market at the … Continue reading

And then there was spring

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We had such a lovely sunday. Getting up early and having breakfast at home and then heading outside with our bikes. It seemed that the city was still asleep when we arrived at the first café for a cappucino. We … Continue reading

Winter is okay

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I try to appreciate every season but I can easily say that spring is the one I like the most. I love how everything comes back to life when the days are getting warmer and you find more people on … Continue reading

Berlin moments

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Some more impressions of my trip to Berlin at the first weekend of the year. I am so happy to have those few analog captures of the time I spent there with the lovely people you can see here.   … Continue reading


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Teguise is the former capital city of Lanzarote with a lovely historical city center and lots of nice little restaurants. We have been there several times on our way to Famara, where we went surfing and visited our friends, who … Continue reading

Mirador Del Rio

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One of the reasons why I liked Lanzarote is the architecture and the influence of César Manrique, who appealed to build houses in harmony with nature. Thanks to him you don’t find a lot of typical hotel buildings on that … Continue reading


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My first short trip this year was going to Berlin. Three days just to meet friends, without any other plans. The first day I visited my friend and old neighbour Clara in Prenzlauer Berg, and we just walked around and … Continue reading

Colours of Lanzarote

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I didn’t know much about Lanzarote before, but I heard a lot about the black and maybe even boring landscape. We didn’t find it boring at all, the black was’t just black and we even saw some green ;) And … Continue reading

Goodbye 2013

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These are just some moments of our last week of 2013. Spending most of the time inside we also enjoyed some sunny hours outside, catching some light and fresh air. Now we are looking forward to start the new year … Continue reading


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If you love geometric shapes, you shouldn’t miss the Tetraeder (tetrahedron) in Bottrop. It’s one of many interesting landmarks in the ruhr area and it’s worth a visit. One month ago (as the start of the weekend of BLOGST conference) … Continue reading

BLOGST conference 2013

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I am packing for a little vacation right now but I decided to take a short break to show you what I was up to in the last weeks. Some months ago the lovely ladies Clara & Ricarda were in … Continue reading